EUROSAI Strategic Plan

EUROSAI endorsed Strategic Plan 2017-2023 in 2017. The second Strategic Plan continues with the successful activities of the first Strategic Plan 2011-2017 (exchange of knowledge, information and experiences) and offers new activities that should strengthen relations between international audit organisations.

The Strategic Plan includes two strategic goals:

  1. Supporting effective, innovative and relevant audits by promoting and brokering professional cooperation;
  2. Helping SAIs deal with new opportunities and challenges by supporting and facilitating their institutional capacity development.

EUROSAI set up Working Groups, Task Forces and projects groups to fulfil these specific goals.

In the years 2017 to 2020 the SAO leads Strategic Goal 1 – Professional Cooperation in cooperation with German SAI. Task of Strategic Goal 1 is to promote cooperation in the area of audit, support development of innovative audit processes and methods with the use of new technologies and facilitate sharing of knowledge and experiences in EUROSAI and with external partners. Representatives of a number of SAIs are involved in the work of Strategic Goal 1.

Tasks for Strategic Goal 1– Professional Cooperation

  • Improve use and implementation of work results of individual SAIs, EUROSAI and INTOSAI working groups and committees;
  • Focus on audit practice, practical outputs and international comparison;
  • Maintain and develop EUROSAI database of audits that gathers audits in different fields performed by EUROSAI members;
  • Maintain and develop EUROSAI database of products of individual SAIs, EUROSAI and INTOSAI working groups and committees including teaching materials;
  • Organise seminars and workshops in compliance with EUROSAI needs;
  • Review and increase usefulness of available tools, disseminate information on results in accordance with communication policy of EUROSAI and INTOSAI;
  • Improve audit cooperation under the terms of EUROSAI;
  • Identify areas for cooperative audits that correspond to new challenges;
  • Encourage supreme audit institutions to join common activities such as joint, coordinated and parallel audits;
  • Support internships and staff secondments;
  • Improve audit cooperation within INTOSAI;
  • Promote and support cooperation within INTOSAI and its regional working groups and organs;
  • Improve audit cooperation with external partners;
  • Support EUROSAI Governing Board in promotion and development of cooperation with institutional partners in period 2017 to 2023;
  • Support EUROSAI Governing Board in implementation and development of cooperation with external professional partners, whose activity is useful for EUROSAI.

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