Annual Report

The Annual Report is the core publication of the SAO. In one single document, the Supreme Audit Office presents a comprehensive description of new or persisting system shortcomings that the state fights with to the government, to parliament, and to the public. The SAO assesses in this Report whether and how the state eliminates such problems. It bases its assessments mainly on the audit results. The Annual Report includes not only an overview of audits performed in the past year, but also other related information – e. g., the amount of money the SAO has scrutinized in the given year or how the audit results helped to make necessary changes in acts.

Furthermore, the Annual Report contains information about SAO´s cooperation with criminal justice authorities, about the number of criminal complaints lodged by the SAO, about information provided to the citizens, and about activities related to the international cooperation of the SAO. Last but not least, it also contains all main information about SAO´s financial management and about its personnel.