EU Report

The SAO has issued the Report on EU Financial Management in the Czech Republic (the EU Report) annually since 2008. In this large publication, the SAO compares/assesses in an international context how successful the Czech Republic is when drawing down the EU funds and how well it uses such money. The EU Report also answers questions about implementation of individual EU policies by the Czech Republic and about incorporation of EU legislation into the Czech law system. The SAO recommends in this document how to remedy shortcomings as regards drawing down and spending money from the EU budget. To prepare this publication, the SAO uses results from its own audits and analyses, outcomes of the European Court of Auditors and the European Commission, and data obtained from key ministries of the Czech Republic. The SAO sends the EU Report to the president of the Czech Republic, to the Czech government and parliament, and to the European Court of Auditors. Also, it is available to representatives of the professional and academic sphere and to all Supreme Audit Institutions in the EU.