Organizational Structure

Supreme Audit Office is a collegiate institution that consists of bodies, sections, departments, and units. The President of the SAO directs the Office and the Vice-President acts as his/her deputy. The bodies of the SAO are the Board of the SAO, senates of the SAO, and the Disciplinary Chamber of the SAO. These bodies are governed by the Act on the Supreme Audit Office and their own rules of procedure which are discussed and approved by the Board (Collegium).

According to the Organizational Rules, the Supreme Audit Office consists of two sections – the Audit Section and the Administrative Section. Each section is managed by a Senior Director. These sections are divided into specialized departments. Departments are further divided into Units.

The management of the SAO consists of the Secretary to the Board, the Senior Directors of both Sections, the Director of the President´s Office, directors of departments, heads of units, and heads of secretariats.

Organisation of the SAO

Secretary to the President Advisors to the President Legal Department Communication Department International Relations Department Financial Department Economic Administration Department HR Department IT Department Department of system support for audits Department of state budget audits Department of audits of social affairs, the environment, education, culture, and healthcare Department of defence and security audits Department of agriculture and regional development audits Department of transport, energy, and industry audits Regional Department Ústí nad Labem Regional Department Plzeň Regional Department České Budějovice Regional Department Hradec Králové Regional Department Jihlava Regional Department Brno Regional Department Ostrava BOARD OF THE OFFICE Office of the President of the SAO Administrative Section Audit Section Security Department Internal AuditDepartment Office of the Vice-President of the SAO Secretary of the Board Department of performance audits President of the SAO Vice-President of the SAO Members of the SAO Department of financial audits

Organizational chart of the SAO (download):