Administrative Section

Radek Haubert

Mr Radek Haubert

Senior Director of the Administrative Section

e-mail: radek.haubert (at)

Financial Department

Vendula Veselá (Tyllová)

Ms Vendula Veselá


vendula.vesela (at)

The Financial Department drafts SAO budget and annual accounts, draws up budgetary forecasts and is responsible for the effective and economic use of SAO resources. It contributes to processing and managing programmes included in the programme financing information system. It keeps the SAO accounts, checks the accuracy of accounting documents, and settles the SAO’s financial obligations. It pays out salaries to employees and deals with their other financial claims.

Economic Administration Department

Jaroslav Kužel

Mr Jaroslav Kužel


jaroslav.kuzel (at)

The Economic Administration Department is responsible for the acquisition, management, and maintenance of assets. It also arranges cleaning, maintenance, repair, and operation of company cars, SAO headquarters, and the Přestavlky training centre.

HR Department

Eva Vrublová

Ms Eva Vrublová


eva.vrublova (at)

The HR Department handles employment relationships at the SAO, checks observance of employment regulations, keeps a list of employees and the reporting obligations. It manages a register of public office-holders in the Central Register of Notifications. It provides trainings and staff development of SAO employees and helps organise professional trainings abroad. The Children's Group at the SAO, which provides pre-school care for children of employees, is also integrated into this Department.

IT Department

Zdeněk Šír

Mr Zdeněk Šír


zdenek.sir (at)

The IT Department manages the SAO’s information systems, ensures the operation of IT equipment for SAO employees, and runs the servers. Management of the communication network also falls under the purview of this department. It also provides user support to SAO employees. The department also handles IT investment projects.

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