The Benchmarking Information Exchange Project (BIEP) is a flexible form of cooperation among supreme audit institutions. BIEP encourages auditors to share ideas and experience based on the same methodology for a specific area. Its main objective is therefore to compare parameters including key performance indicators and specific national practices of various countries. BIEP is not limited by the scope of areas or topics; each SAI is free to establish and lead its own topic. The advantage is that any SAI can join a topic at any time. If an SAI is interested in using or publishing information provided by another SAI, it must have the express consent of the authorial SAI to do so.

The primary platform of BIEP is the so-called BIEP Portal, whose designer and administrator is the Supreme Audit Office. As of December 2022, 547 users from 50 SAIs and the European Court of Auditors were registered on the BIEP Portal and shared information and experience on a total of 68 audit topics.

The BIEP Portal is divided into two parts: public and non-public. The public part is freely accessible on the internet and contains basic information about the project and its objectives. The non-public part is exclusively for registered auditors, as information and documents published on the non-public part of the BIEP Portal are subject to the BIEP ethical rules.

The BIEP Portal has been chosen as the primary platform for sharing information and experience by several EUROSAI project groups, e.g. the Project Group on Auditing the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the discussion forums, auditors can exchange documents and discuss current issues and challenges of the audited area. Thanks to the BIEP Portal, everyone has access to all materials from all workstreams of the project group.

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