SAO’s Presidency of EUROSAI

In April 2021, the Supreme Audit Office (SAO) took over the EUROSAI Presidency from SAI Türkiye, at the XI EUROSAI Online Congress. The Presidency is for three years and the SAO will hand over the Presidency to SAI Israel in May 2024.

The objective of the SAO’s Presidency is to offer EUROSAI members platforms to support and further develop cooperation in line with the EUROSAI Strategic Plan 2017-2024.

EUROSAI's main objective is to respond flexibly to the challenges of modern times and to seek appropriate responses to them in order to provide added value to its members and the citizens of each country. In this respect, the SAO encourages EUROSAI members to cooperate more closely in the search for methodologies and audit procedures. To this end, the BIEP platform is used as well as the EUROSAI database.

Contact person:

Jaroslav Rucký
E-mail: jaroslav.rucky (at)

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