Auditors from EU countries discussed the subject of VAT in Prague

Press release - 28 June 2019

On 27 and 28 June 2019, the annual meeting of the Core Group 2 of the Working Group on Value Added Tax of the Contact Committee was held at the headquarters of the Supreme Audit Office. The Contact Committee brings together the heads of the Supreme Audit Institutions of the EU Member States and of the European Court of Auditors. The auditors discussed, inter alia, European and national measures to combat VAT evasion, legislative news in the field of VAT, e-commerce, and the final VAT system.

The Czech Republic was represented not only by the SAO delegates, but also by guests from the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic and the General Financial Directorate. One of the speeches was delivered by a representative of the European Commission. The auditors discussed and shared the results of their VAT audits.

The SAO has valuable experience in audits of state revenues not only within this international working group, but also within its own audit activity. Last year, the SAO completed a coordinated audit of e-commerce in cooperation with the German Supreme Audit Institution. This is a dynamically developing trading area that carries a significant risk of VAT evasion. The special regime introduced by the EU for the collection of VAT in this area shows a number of shortcomings that make it difficult to correctly levy tax to electronic services.

International Relations Department
Supreme Audit Office

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