Czech and Polish auditors have discussed further cooperation of European Supreme Audit Institutions during their meeting in Prague

Press release – 23 January 2020

A delegation from the Supreme Audit Office of Poland visited the Supreme Audit Office of the Czech Republic (the SAO) on 16 and 17 January. The two offices have a history of longstanding cooperation, for example in the Viségrad Group V4+2. This time, the auditors have met to discuss cooperation during the Czech Presidency of EUROSAI.

This Organisation groups together 50 Supreme Audit Institutions of Europe and other countries. The SAO will take over the leadership of this Organisation this year in June.

The main topic of the meeting was the EUROSAI Congress which will take place this year in Prague at the beginning of June. At the Congress, the SAO will take over leadership of this Organisation from the SAI Turkey for the next three years.

At present, the SAO holds the EUROSAI Vice-Presidency and is also a member of the EUROSAI Governing Board alongside the Polish SAI. That is why the representatives of these two Supreme Audit Institutions have discussed in Prague the direction EUROSAI will take during the Czech Presidency and what will be its priorities.

The negotiations also touched upon the further development of EUROSAI Strategic Goals aimed at specific audit areas. The SAO, together with its German colleagues, is the co-leader of the Strategic Goal for Professional Cooperation, and the Polish SAI together with its Swedish colleagues is the co-leader of the Strategic Goal for Institutional Capacity Development. At the EUROSAI Congress in Prague, the Polish SAI will take over the leadership of the Working Group on Environmental Auditing where the SAO is a longstanding collaborator.

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