Czech and Slovak auditors will jointly review social security insurance management

Press release - 11 April 2019

On 9 and 10 April 2019, representatives of the Supreme Audit Office of the Czech Republic and of the Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic met for a planned cooperative audit on social security contributions. The planned audit followed up on the successful cooperation initiated in previous years, where both audit institutions had jointly dealt with value added tax audit and excise duty issues. This time, the auditors met to develop common audit questions to assess whether the management of social security contributions in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic were effective and efficient.

The audit will be launched in Slovakia in June and in the Czech Republic in October 2019. The definition of common issues, criteria, and indicators of coordinated audit will enable both audit institutions to compare social security insurance management, to identify differences, and to evaluate their effectiveness and efficiency. Finally, the representatives of the Czech Supreme Audit Office and of the Slovak Supreme Audit Office have set out a timetable for next steps in the audit and agreed on the outline of the final international audit report on the results of the audit which will be published once it is completed by both audit institutions. The social security insurance benchmark of both countries could also be integrated into the BIEP - the Benchmarking Information Exchange Project - on which the Czech SAO is working together with other European countries.

Communication Department
Supreme Audit Office

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