The SAO audited Regional Operational Programme of the NUTS II region Central Bohemia

Press Release – November 5, 2012

The SAO audited the regional operational programme of the NUTS II region Central Bohemia in the Czech Republic and its implementation within the period 2007–2011. The audit scrutinized 15 projects with the total financial support of CZK 545.1 million, which were implemented by 8 beneficiaries. The audited amount makes 14.5 % of the support allocated within the frame of the priority axis 3 of the Regional Operational Programme.

Auditors revealed several errors at the Regional Council of the NUTS II region Central Bohemia – mostly during project assessment, cost analysis, and eligibility control processes. With some evaluation criteria, the Regional Council failed to set a minimum scoring limit for projects’ approval. As a result, it was possible to aid projects, which were insufficiently ensured, had unclear budgeting, and were poorly scheduled.

The Regional Council made errors in the project supervision processes as well. The municipal authority of Mělník claimed an employee’s pay in the amount of CZK 593,000 and included the amount into expenses of the historical centre revitalisation project. The Regional Council reimbursed the expenses in spite the municipal authority had not submitted the work statement documents. When implementing the reconstruction project of the BIOS sports centre in Kladno, the Regional Council reimbursed CZK 3.8 million for additional works, which should have been paid by the municipal authority itself. The Regional Council failed to perform in-situ examination of projects approved for priority axis 3 of the Regional Operational Programme, which means that there was no checking whether the supported projects were realized to the given extent, with the approved costs, and whether the developed premises were used in agreement with the stipulated conditions at least for the duration of the pre-set period.

Auditors revealed violations of legal regulations at seven out of eight audited beneficiaries. Among the errors were following examples: During the reconstruction of Vlašim historical centre, the municipal authority divided the subject of the public procurement so that the partial projects could be ordered without tenders. In case of two projects implemented by the municipal authority of Benátky nad Jizerou, only one potential provider was sent the specifications, in spite the aid conditions required at least three potential providers to be notified. When preparing a building project of kindergarten in Vestec, the local authority selected as the most suitable offer one, which made a bid that was over CZK 3 million more expensive than the cheapest one. The fine imposed by the Regional Council on the local authority of Vestec for such lack of economy only amounted to CZK 88,000.

For further details about the auditing operation No. 12/06 (in Czech only), see the following link: (pdf 216 kB).

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