The Ministry of Defence eliminated significant mistakes in its accounting

Press release to audit No. 17/30 – 2. 7. 2018

The Supreme Audit Office reviewed the accounting and the financial statements of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) for 2017. The SAO also focused on the final account and the data submitted by the Ministry of Finance for evaluation of the state budget performance in 2017. The MoD removed significant misstatements during the audit. It also remedied most of the shortcomings that had been highlighted by previous SAO audits.

Significant misstatements of CZK 3 billion which auditors detected in the accounting had been removed by the MoD during the audit and before the closing of the accounting books for 2017. Other errors that the SAO had identified in the financial statements were no longer significant. These included, for example, intangible fixed assets, revenues from the sale of aircraft, or accrual of costs. The financial statements of the MoD, therefore, provide a true and fair view of the subject of accounting.

In the data submitted for evaluation of the state budget performance, the auditors found deficiencies that were not significant. They arose in particular in the classification of expenditure on information and communication technologies. There were no mistakes in the final account of the MoD.

The SAO also audited the remedy of shortcomings it had found in its previous audits at the MoD. The Ministry had taken corrective action for all and had managed to remove most of the mistakes.

Communication Department
Supreme Audit Office

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