BIEP stands for Benchmarking Information Exchange Project. It's a flexible way of cooperation between Supreme audit institutions (SAIs). The BIEP is a tool that gives encouragement to share ideas and experiences based on same methodology for specific field. Compared to forms of cooperative audits - parallel audit, joint audit and coordinated audit, BIEP saves time and audit costs.

Main idea of BIEP is to compare KPI and specific national conditions across various countries. The data and information exchange is based on the principles of 3C - communication, cooperation and comparison. Areas of comparison are not limited, but its mandatory to find comparable indicators. Subsequently methodologies are created for selected areas. These methodologies contains KPIs, its calculation and list of specific national conditions. Last but not least the BIEP can also help to identify a good practice in area of comparison. Joining BIEP can help SAIs to identify suitable audit topics. BIEP principles of cooperation:

  • SAI can suggest a new topic for benchmarking or SAI can choose any specified topic
  • SAI can start cooperation at any stage
  • SAI can use already existing methodology or create a new one
  • SAI can use the BIEP methodology and results for its own country report
  • SAI should share results and other documents in the EXTRANET

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